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Nantou Xinhaicha Farm

Hidden in the peaceful moutains of Nantou County, the Xinhai Leisure Farm is located here. As a secluded paradise, you may see misty clouds around the farm, feel the slow breeze blowing on the lush tea trees, and watch the verdant hillside.

Located at an altitude of about 1650 meters, the Xinhai tea plantation is planted with more than two yards of fields. The tea plantation is dominated by oolong tea, Tieguanyin, Jinxuan and black tea. It is surrounded by clouds and mist throughout the year, with short sunshine and a cool climate. It just provides a suitable growth of tea trees surroundings.

Now the tea gardens are equipped with TIAGA CMS system, and the Xinhai Leisure Farm has become the highest-altitude smart farm in Taiwan. It is hoped that the TIAGA system can help them monitor the soil environment, pay attention to information invisible to the naked eye, such as soil pH, etc., to help tea trees maintain good growth surroundings. The TIAGA system can not only collect data, but also collect image data to identify frost damage. It can also remotely control various agricultural equipment. It can also implement automatic control through settings to reduce human resources, reduce water and fertilizer waste, and most importantly, keep the entire the environment in the best growth condition, so that the tea trees can grow strong.