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Wufeng Farm at Hsinchu

Wufeng Farm at Hsinchu  

The highest intelligent demonstration farm in Taiwan in the clouds

Although the Wufeng Farm and the Baoshan Farm both are at Hsinchu, the Wufeng Farm locates on a mountain at Hsinchu and is surrounded by clouds and mists all year round. As a result, the Wufeng Farm has weather viler than Baoshan's. However, the mountain is beautiful and the air fresh and clean. The Tano smart farming team decided to create the highest smart farm in Taiwan.

It is not difficult to have farms on mountains in Taiwan. However, most farms on mountains often spray pesticides too much to pollute the lands and the alpine crops. As a result, it causes a great damage in the mountains.

Based on the spirit of non-toxic cultivation, the rarely seen white strawberries as well as other fibrous Chinese medicinal herbs have been cultivated by the Tano smart farming team. With the same system mentioned in the Baoshan Farm, everything is under monitor and control by AI. All products have no residues of pesticides, phosphide, and heavy metal. All of them are non-toxic.

In addition, all the cultivation steps and information which are standardized in Good Agriculture and Collection Practice (GACP) are recorded. Customers can then explore those recorded cultivation steps and information to buy with peace of mind. The Wufeng Farm at Hsinchu also provides a good demonstration of beginning of smart farming.