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YiLan Shinnan Farm

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The  intelligent demonstration farm in hometown of Hami melon  in Taiwan

In the Lanyang Plain with beautiful mountains, good water and beautiful soil, the Shinnan area of Jhuangwei Township in Yilan County is known as the hometoen of Hami melon in Taiwan. There is a Tano TIAGA intelligent farm on the bank of Lanyang River, which is promoted by the private sector. The intelligent farm with intelligent technology will be used as a teaching demonstration base for the smart agriculture  of Yilan.

The DoctorCultivate  team hopes to assist and support Yilan to cultivate new generation  farmers, and also to help these new farmers to sell their high-quality and safe agricultural products through contract planting, so that these new farmers can have better and stable income.  We also try to promote the traceability of agricultural product production to provide consumers with more transparent and safe agricultural products.

Our team  also hope to  prepare a rural placemaking  project in Yilan to train new generation  farmers, so that the "real" smart agriculture can take root in Yilan. We really hope that we can assist Yilan's agricultural transformation and fundamentally change the model of agricultural production and sales.